1PasswordAnywhere running in Safari

Never leave home without your 1Password data, thanks to the built-in 1PasswordAnywhere feature. 1PasswordAnywhere lets you decrypt and view your data when you are away from your Mac. You can open your data file in a modern browser, enter your master password, view any type of data, and copy it to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere. Whether you use Windows at work, Linux on campus, or another Mac while at a friend’s house, 1PasswordAnywhere lets you look up the Login, Secure Note, or Credit Card you need whenever you need it.

For 1PasswordAnywhere to work, you must have access to your data file, either via the web, a copy on something like a USB flash drive, or a copy on the local computer. Dropbox, our favorite file-syncing service, is a great option. Not only can you sync your 1Password data and other files to all your other computers, but any files you store in Dropbox — including your data file — are accessible via the Dropbox website. Since your 1Password data is encrypted, you can safely “host” 1PasswordAnywhere on Dropbox and access it from any solid Internet connection. Whether you keep it in your Dropbox account or somewhere else, 1PasswordAnywhere is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Things To Know Before You Get Set Up

Use 1PasswordAnywhere via Dropbox on the Web

  1. To move your data file to Dropbox, follow our Dropbox Syncing guide. This is a great way to prepare for 1PasswordAnywhere, and it is also our favorite method for syncing data across multiple computers and mobile devices.
  2. Log into the Dropbox website.
  3. Open the 1Password.html file inside 1Password.agilekeychain.
  4. Enter your master password and enjoy!

Current Limitations of 1PasswordAnywhere